Oh yea []. The wind is a blowing. And the rain is falling (sometimes down, sometime other directions!) Isabel is here!

Been a long time since we had a hurricane come through. I was at work when it started to rain this afternoon waiting for my boss to finish his demo of my system on the west coast. As soon as he called to say all was well the last few of us who where at work headed out. In good news the demo did apparently go well. Yea, all those long hours I’ve been putting in pay off. Not that it has not been fun or that there is not a lot more work to do, but hacking sendmail for fun and profit has been fun and should be profitable.

Back to the storm—oh, power just flickered!—I talked to my mom a little while ago and the projected path of the eye of the storm is only a mile or two from my parents house. While I was on the phone with her the giant tree in the front yard came crashing down and destroyed her car—flattened it! Yikes. At least it fell on the car, if it had gone the other way it would have taken out the house.

Not much other than that. Probably have tomorrow off. Was going to take a half day anyway to get finished packing. I move in two days! Just heard the worst of the wind and rain is supposed to come through between two and six am.

Blow baby blow!