I finally moved my reef tank. Though don’t know if I can still call it a ‘reef tank’ as it has been at my parents house for four years and is in rather sorry shape for a reef. Not to say my mom did not take good care of it. Up until the hurricane a few months ago most of the fish where still alive. Some of them have been there for 6 years. But there is not that much left in the tank other than the live rock. A few fish, a crab, a starfish and a couple of sorry coral.

I took advantage of moving the tank to do two things I have wanted to do for some time; I got rid of several fish I no longer wanted—not because I did not like them but because they have gotten big and are very Territorial now. They kill new things! Also I got a new tank and stand—this time with a built in overflow kit so I do not have things hanging off the back of the tank to drain and return the water.

Anyway, I hope to have the tank back to show quality in a few months. Though I have already spent nearly $800 on this thing in the past week. Oh well, it’s a relaxing hobby to take up my time in the absence of romantic things.

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