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I’ve been really bad, not saying something sooner but I want to congratulate J███████ for being accepted to the Ph.D. Research program in Sociology at Oxford University! I cannot even say how much I envy him for going back to England. I totally agree with what he says; that the more time that goes by since we got back to more I miss my time in England and Europe. I wish I could go back to live, but I will have to settle for going to see J███████. He better watch out though, I might be there more than Kim! I hope he has the time of his life—I’m sure he will, and before Dr. Vespa comes back we will have to toast many pints at the Tuff, The Bear and The Eagle and Child.

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Beggs, thank you again for the congratulations and for all your encouragement. I know that half of the fun will be looking forward to my friends visiting – again and again, as I hope you do! Don’t worry, there’ll always be a space for you at my flat in Oxford for repeated visits (or wherever I happen to be) and most definitely a pint at the Turf (or two, or three).

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