programming note 1

Note to self: copy constructors are bad.

I spent a significant portion of the last 72 hours debugging a apparently random bug in one of my programs. Now the ‘program ‘ is really three separate programs communicating across sockets. And each one is multi-threaded. The abstract purpose of the system is to process and deliver messages. Testing with a small number or messages did not show any bugs. But under significant load the system would crash. As long as the number of messages was fairly large the point at which the system crashed as apparently random. With a little help from my boss I finally figured it out. Bottom line: copy constructors are bad and when they are implied constructors from the STL they are worse because you don’t ever realize they are there!

Only S██████ will understand this entry. :)

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Sad that you mention that today. I heard from a girl, and have been in a depressed mood all day because of it. Bottom line is my emotional life and well being are just shit. Maybe I’ve given up on the whole girl thing. And I’m not even doing so good on the friend front — Only 10 of the 75 phone numbers in my phonebook are not people I work with or for. Sad but only four of those 10 are girls — two of which I was dumped by and three of which live in foreign countries. I’m as sad man. Maybe thats why I can push myself to work 12 strait 12 hour days. Sad.

Another 20K lines of debug code to sort through?

I find work to be a great way to deal with one’s social and romantic life. And you get payed for it.

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