No go

I have no car…. I have no car… they junked my car last week. At least they are going to pay me what it is worth. So I don’t have a car. Have to figure out how to get from point A to pont B till I can get a new one.

Click, click

I have a new camera—it cost a lot (don’t ask) but I have a canon 10D 6.3 mega-pixel digital camera now so I can take pics in Japan!

Rising sun or setting sun?

Speaking of Japan I leave Wednesday morning—and I do mean morning; 6:10am! But S██████ just pointed out that the schedule says we arrive in Japan at 5:25pm not 5:25am as I had informed everyone—damn lexdyxia! So we lose a whole day’s fun. At least we did not plan to take the train on the first day to Kyoto… that would have sucked!

Anyway, J███████, S██████ and I get back on the 8th so… Anata no kintama wa ooki desu ne! Oh yea and—look ma, no spell check. :)