all men are created equal

The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday on the right of the government to hold American citizens as ‘enemy combatants’ without due process. I hope the court strikes it down, by unanimous decision. And I hope they go even further and uphold the idea, even if it’s not spelled out in the Constitution but rather in the Declaration—that ‘all men are created equal.’ [ ] Which to me would imply that no matter where they were captured it they are to be tried by the United States they should be tried by the same laws we use to determine guilt among our own citizens. It just seem ‘self evident’ to me that if we truly believe the words of the Declaration we have no other choice and no man—not even the President of the United States should be able to deny any of the rights granted in the constitution to any other human being, unless via a process described in the Constitution (i.e. via due process of our laws.) Now maybe I’m just a bleeding heart liberal or something but…