The Best Democracy Money can Buy

Last night J███████ and I trekked up to UDC to see Greg Palast give a lecture. If you don’t know who Greg Palast is you should.

I stumbled on Greg Palast’s web site while I lived in London because of articles I read in The Observer but I did not pay much attention to it after I left England. That is until J███████, S██████ and I went to Japan to visit Jim. While we were there J███████ picked up a book off Jim’s shelf. Called The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

This book is amazing. It exposes a lot of the dirty little secrets the politicians and big business don’t want all us cattle to know. Given the book has a liberal bent, but Palast is loathed by both Democrats and Republicans for exposing their dirty laundry. With chapter titles like, Jim Crow in Cyberspace: the unreported story of how they fixed the vote in Florida, and Inside Corporate America, the book is very pertinent to the events surrounding the election this year.

Palast’s book helps to confirm that the bad guys won. They won long ago. And they were not democrats or republicans accept in name. In reality they are rich, greedy, lying bastards who parasitically feed off the ignorance and stupidity of the American public. Be they George Bush’s or Kennith Lay’s they don’t have the best interest of anyone outside their close knit group of scavenger groupies.

Anyway the lecture, while short, was very good, and I even got my book signed. Pick up the book and read it, it might open your eyes, or just confirm your darkest fears.

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You have tickeled my curiousity. I think I’ll go and buy it…today! Eventhough I’m a Swiss-Italian living in London, I think it will be quite interesting. Thanx for the suggestion.

The book must be fairly understandable and interesting to non-americans because it is available in a lot of languages. Just check out Palast’s website. I think you will enjoy the read.

Palast’s book is definitely a worth while read for anyone interested in being informed about how today’s political decisions are made. It’s dramatic and full of intrigue, the kind of book that makes you angry. You’ve inspired another person to pick it up and read it, Beggs!

You might want to check out Richard Leakey’s “The Sixth Extinction” . It was recommended to me by Jacob and apparently it’s really good. If you decide to read it, let me know what you think about it.

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