and so once again

J███████ and K– come over for the afternoon. The first words out of J███████’s mouth when he came in were “was your camera in your car Beggs?” “No,” “Good,” he said, “because someone broke the back window again.”

Yes, once again someone broke the back passengers side window of my car. My new car. They did not take anything—the alarm must have stopped them. The door was unlocked but when your tried to open it the alarm went off. Not that they would have gotten anything. The only things in the car are a watch that does not work and the cheep tripod I have been using.

So once again the back seat of my car is covered with tiny shards of glass and I’m going to have to pay to replace a window. I want to know what I did that lead to my car being broken into three times?

You tell me.

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You should ask the local cops what is the average number of broken windows do to break in a day… and if this is a pattern.

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