oh my god

Most people get their news from TV. Problem is that in the past few years the regression from the idea of reporting the news back to the yellow journalism ideals of making up the news has greatly accelerated. Fox News had lead the blind charge (though all the other news networks have followed) and today the ‘news’ is just another battle ground between conservative bigots and bleeding heart liberals. It’s gotten so bad that you can’t even form an idea of what really happened in any event by watching both sides. Read this [ ] from The O’Reilly factor yesterday and you can see how inflammatory reporting has become. Even though O’Reilly’s comments where given as his and not the networks there was no attempt to have a counter argument from someone who disagrees—no “fair an balanced” reporting.

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The artile reveals how narrow-minded perscribers of religion can be. The moral high ground certainly can be defensible, and just; though often times it reveals itself as full of banal dogma, and worse yet, serves only to isolate and alienate the righteous from the damned. Unfortunately, for most prescribers religion remains draconic and stifles creativity and rationality through appeals to baseless faith. Can an answer that relies on “faith” lay any further from rationality or logic?

The Secularist Agenda. The Gay Agenda. Where’s the other side? (As you already pointed out, there isn’t one.)

Why not talk about the Christian Agenda? The one that would push ‘values’ into the personal liberties of every American through Government mandates.

Or the Capitalist Cabal? The one that worships the alright dollar above all things… even above life, liberty and happiness.

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