the whole story, or deja vu

I’ve found a new girl to obsess over… Well not really an obsession, more of a desire to get to know someone more.

A week ago last Thursday—that was the 17th for those of you keeping count of my pathetic existence, but then again how pathetic must you be? Where was I? Oh yes, a week ago last Thursday I was set up on a kind or blind date with a friend of the girlfriend of one of the guys at work, who he’d never met—does this sound like a bad, late night dating show yet? Since my dating life could not get much more pathetic I agreed to call the girl and go for drinks.

We agreed that since she lived in Fairfax I would meet her at Carlos O’Kelly’s [ ] (I didn’t even know it was a chain until I just looked up the website!) So, we met. Now that was kinda fun. She’s not really someone I would date but we did have a nice long discussion of ethics that began with the question; “Why are you a vegetarian?” Our conversation was interesting enough to get the attention of the table next to us—who told us so after buying us a round of drinks.

As we were, uh, ‘discussing’ ethics a large group came in and started pulling tables together. One of the girls pulling tables and chairs together looked familiar. I mentioned to my companion that I thought I knew her. “I think I work with her. But I don’t know, I don’t see much of her, all I know is her name.” A few seconds later when she turned around and looked in my direction I was sure.

“Hello.” I said.

“Um. Oh, hey! How are you?”

That, along with introductions and a few seconds of pleasantries was the end of my interaction with my coworker for the night. Except when I got to make fun of her for singing during karaoke—which was funny. Very funny.

So, end of story for a week.

Fast forward to last Thursday. The guys at work usually play flag football—I’ve played a few times, but we didn’t have enough people to play a good game lest week. So we went for a drink or two at happy hour. Since everyone needed to drive home as they all live in the boonies we had one drink then left. I went back to work because I was looking for a little more of a night out. I called a few people but no one was answering or they were not up for going out.

Wait, I know, I’ll call the hot chick from accounting. Well, actually I was too chicken to ‘call’ her. I sent her a text message—hey it’s what we do!.

You guy’s going out tonight? Mind a tag along?

Who is this? And where are you?

Sorry, forget not everyone has the whole company directory in their phone book. It’s beggs, I’m at work.

Hey. No prob. We’ll be there about nine.

So I killed a little time and then headed back to Carlos O’Kelly’s for karaoke. She and her roommates and friends were already there. I crashed their party, and got to know her and her roommates a little bit. I also got a tad drunk. But so did they. They’re a fun crowd. I had a really good time, hope to do it some more.

Now for the introspective pseudo-psycho babel and whingeing. I don’t know what I’m thinking. I do think she is really good looking. And from what I know of her I do like her personality. I would like the chance to get to know her better. But there are drawbacks to her. 1) she smokes. And as everyone who knows me knows I don’t do well with the smoking think. 2) I work with the girl. I mean she works on another floor and I never really see much of her, but still. 3) Now this is the big one—she has a child. I’ve dealt with that before and the results were less than spectacular—at least for me. I put myself in that position a second time and fucked up my whole life for several years. Now I’m looking at someone and saying “I don’t really have anything against trying it again. You know, you’ve got to get to know someone before you cross them off for something that is part of them.” So. I’m not really obsessed and I doubt anymore will come of this tail but I would like to get to know her better.