Left Coasters

Saturday afternoon I caught up with G████ for a few hours. About time as I didn’t see the boy between like March of `03 and when I got him a job a few weeks ago. Slacker. Anyway, we met up a Buffalo Billiards in Dupont and played a few games and drank a few pints. But low-and-behold G████ needed to head back to the little woman.

As we were standing on by the metro and he was getting ready to go a couple stopped us and asked if we were from around the area. Seems they were visiting and looking for something to do. Someone had told them that the 9:30 club is a happening place and they wanted to know how to get to it. Well the 9:30 club is a great place but lets be real the day before the forth of July you better have tickets. So I talked with them for a moment and then settled on the Brickskeller as the best place to direct them to. And they asked if I wanted to join them. Well, any couple looking to get trashed and asking strangers to come along can’t be all bad. Right? Yea? no crazy sex thing thoughts for you. Bad reader! I would never be so lucky.

So off to the Brickskeller while G████ scurries back to the little woman. And at the Brickskeller? Drink after drink after drink. The bill was close to $200, we were there from 8:00 pm till closing. Talk about drunk! We argued about all kinds of stuff; music, politics, life in general. We got drunk enough that we were arguing just to argue after a while. It’s kind of refreshing to drink and argue with strangers but still be having a good time. It was a good night. And I was worried when G████ said he had to go that I would have nothing to do for the rest of the night.