Asia lite

This is going to be a really lame first post from Singapore but I have not had a chance to do too much exploring. My first week and a half have been very busy, my boss and my bosses boss—who is also my boss (it’s complicated) anyway they just left yesterday. So, tonight I had my first chance to really explore. Did not do much—they guys at the office decided to have a pool tournament so I did not leave till fairly late. So I did not get to explore much tonight—had dinner in the street in Chinatown with two my co-workers but did not have time to do not much else. Tomorrow I am planning to go out with my camera so I will try to post some pics.

My first impression? I will quote Dave from work here: Singapore is like Asia by Walt Disney. It’s clean and sterile, and made for visitors. It’s Asia lite, there is so much western influence that it would be easy to ignore never really be ‘in Asia’ in spirit. You could live and breathe big western city and never encounter Asia—mind you you’d have to work at it but you could do it. It’s going to be fun finding all the little nooks and crannies where the real Singapore hides, and then there is all the foreign lands so close’ This should be fun.

Speaking of pics—I finally linked my photos from the main page. I still want to work on the code for the pages (stolen from Thilo [ ] and them heavily screwed up for my page.) I have some more pics to go through and post, from hiking with J███████ at Great Falls and from my Grandfathers house in Alabama. I’ll get around to posting them someday. I need to go through the Japan pics again now that I have got the hang of using GIMP to edit them. Some of them are over saturated with color and look bad. One day I’ll fix it…. now it’s bed time on this side of the world.