not an al-key

It’s bad when you have been gone a month and the first night you go into a bar the waitresses say “hey, long time no see…” And what is even worse is they know you by name! Honestly I am not an alcoholic but we have been to that bar way too many times. Last night we closed it again at 2 am and then went to another bar! I got like two hours of sleep last night.

On the bright side I am moved into my flat now. It’s nice—I need to buy a lot of stuff. All I have is a bed right now. Well, their is a couch too, but I need to buy everything else. C’est la vie, Ikea is across the street—I can go all Sweedish ultra modern cheep!

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so,the thought of buying more stuff for the flat is nothing new.but now we’re already in dec and nothing has been added except for the bed…hmmm….wonder when the rest of the “essentials” will be bought such that our dear beggs can relax in the flat other than loiter the streets and hang out at the pub whenever whichever…

Well, there are a few more things… like a dinning table and some chairs. And I think that soon there will be more… You’ll have to come buy and see the rest for yourself ;)

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