a thought half formed

Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly.


I don’t want to rush things, to move to fast, to jeopardize the long term. I understand the meaning of Confucius’ saying. But at the same time…

I have rushed into things before despite telling myself to slow down, to move deliberately and to think logically. Yet logic has little, if anything, to do with the most fundamental of life’s great mysteries. No, I can’t say that found that one greatest of things. I don’t know, I have only just met this person, I am just getting to know them but everything about them is just right.

Despite the best efforts to take time and do things right my logical mind finds itself yelling into the wind, along for the ride as the illogical parts of my being venture headlong into the unknown. It’s not a bad feeling; in fact it is a wonderful feeling. My logical mind working to make sure I do not mess things up by rushing too fast, helping to steer the course while my emotional mind believes nothing can go wrong and marches ever forward indifferent to any obstacles. The obstacles loom large but they can be dealt with and it is always easier to deal with great challenges with someone beside you than on your own.