I have been guilty lately of more or less completely ignoring my friends. I have received few emails from them, and the time distance means I don’t get calls—not to mention the fact that I am not positive I ever sent them my Singapore phone number. I can blame some of this on a number of things, like the amount of hours I have been working, or 13 hour time difference; in fact I don’t even talk to my mother very often because of that. But saying those things would not be the truth. In reality I have just been lazy about contacting people.

It’s easy to be lazy about calling or writing people. When I am at work I am often swamped by work and when I am not swamped by work I find myself too burnt to write letters to friends. I meant to send postcards to many people before Christmas, to say happy holidays to those who celebrate and to just say hello to those who don’t. To inform all of my friends wherever they are in the world that I do still think of them.

But I didn’t

I just didn’t get to it. I picked up post cards at a small shop the other day but thought; “I’ll get them on my way back out, I don’t want to carry the bag around all afternoon.” And that has been the extent of my apathy to writing postcards. This apathy has also extended to writing email of late. I have not send replies to the few emails I have gotten. I am totally out of touch.

It’s bad really. I don’t want to lose these people as friends; I don’t want to lose contact with them. I have been friends with them across great distances before so this is nothing new. I need to get myself back in control of my time. I have found someone to share much of my time with here but I need to put a little more structure in my time both at work and at fun. I will start today by sending those I have neglected a short message to say I am still alive. Consider this a sort of pre-new years resolution: I will make more of an effort to keep in touch with those close to me, I will not ignore the relationships that are important to me, be they near or far. I will be a good friend.

My behavior has been inexcusable.

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Welcome to my life. We have fewign every half an hour, I suppose. Or maybe it’s every hour.

Unfortunately I know all too much what you mean. I’ve been looking at your email at least once a day since I got it… but have never had the time or energy to write back. Unless you happen to really like a write up on WinCE memory usage.

However do we get in these ruts? Better yet, how do we get out?

How’s the planning on China coming, BTW?

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