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2011.03.09 & Buttons gone… why? Well, XHTML is dead, The CSS is not valid as per the validator, it’s out-of-date and jQuery does crazy things, blah blah blah. I updated the footers ‘disclaimer’ to link to the Creative Commons as all my words is still free…

2008.12.24 & I have updated to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported [] license. The link(s) below are to the older 2.0 version.

You may have noticed there are a bunch of buttons at the bottom of the pages here at What does it all mean? Let me tell you…

powered by wordpress

This button links to WordPress [] because I use their software to run the blog [] on confusion. And basically all the content on the sight is uploaded as an entry in the blog (which I call my ‘journal’ a holdover from when I was doing this manually before the glory days of blogging!)

Creative Commons License

Next is the Creative Commons [] license button. This button is intended to show that you can copy anything you want from this website and use it (with a small number of restrictions) how you want. Read this post [] for more info.

Valid CSS!

Ah the power of standards! This button means that the pages on this site are designed using valid CSS []—which stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is a way to separate the layout and visual style of a webpage from the HTML code and content. We love standards! And we’d love them even more if they worked in IE! Damn Micro$oft and their non-conformist ways!

Valid XHTML 1.1!

This one says that confusion is coded in valid XHTML []. What does that mean? It’s another standard that along with CSS is designed to make coding and maintaining web pages easier. All of the basic pages here at confusion should validate but some of the older journal entries may not. Click the button to see if this page validates!

rss entries feed
rss comments feed

Want too keep up with my latest dribble? Feeds are just the thing! Using a feed aggregator like those you can find here [] and here [] you can add the links these buttons and you will be able to keep up-to-date with all my pointless ranting. The ‘entries’ link will will give you all the new entries I post and the ‘comments’ link will provide a feed of all the comments other leave.

what are these things

WTF? This one takes you to this post, because an odd number of buttons was not cool. I made this button to match the other second row buttons using this handy utility [] created to support the “steal these buttons” craze which you can read about here [] and if you need a bazillion buttons go here [].