A year on

A year ago today—September 1, 2004 I made my way down to National Airport outside DC and spent the next 24 hours alternately sitting in airport terminals and sitting on airplanes.

When it was all done—just after midnight on the morning of September second, arrived in Singapore and I made my way out of the airport, into a cab and down the East Cost Parkway to the Gallery Hotel.

That was the beginning of my time here in Singapore and except for two months back in the US—in October last year and again in June this year—I have lived in Singapore rather then just visited. I spent some time working to get assigned over seas for work. It would have been hard to get here without work. And while Singapore would not have been my first choice of places to go I am having fun. So here’s to living another year of fun in a foreign land. I hope the coming days are as good as those past.