Giving away a rock

I have made what will, hopefully, be the most important and rewarding decision of my life: I have asked Candice to marry me. I’ve been dating her for a year now, I knew she was ready, and I have know since last summer that I was ready to ask so I was 99.999999999% sure of her answer long before I asked. Sure enough that it never crossed my mind to wonder what I would do if she said no.

Until I actually asked.

I will admit that I was as nervous as could be when I actually asked. Even though I knew what I wanted to say the whole experience was dreamlike up until she said yes and everything was normal again. It was snowing, in Kyoto at the Golden Pavilion, when I asked and I was sweating. Go figure, does that make me a romantic or a nervous wreck?

Now all the real hard work: figuring out the next steps. When? Where? How? The answer to all of them right now is ‘I have no idea.’ It’s enough that my love is now my fiancée and we have made that commitment.

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Congratulations again! Of all the places in Kyoto, I think you picked the best, kind of like the Medici palace gardens in Florence. :) Dream-like and then normality, nicely said. When asked if I felt different the day after I got married, I said no and then thought, why should I? I’ve been getting used to this idea since the day I proposed! But you’re forgetting one very important truth about the proposal and engagement: Your job is over, you proposed. Now, everything else is up to the woman. :)

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