Paris, France — December 2005

Paris, France on Flickr

After more than three years away I made it back to Paris with my digital camera. Ever since I got the 10D I have wanted to return to Paris—and the rest of Europe that I visited prior to my digital upgrade. Last time I was in Paris one of my younger sisters was with me, this time the other younger sister was with me, and my older sister, and my mom, and, most importantly, Candice.

We visited many of the same places that I took my sister last time. There was, this time, as before, a lot of steps. There were steps at the Towers of Notre Dame []. There were steps at Montmartre [] and some more at Sacre Coeur []. There were steps at the Arc de Triumph []. There were steps everywhere, except at the Eiffel Tower [] which I did not make them climb to the top of.


As usual we did a lot of walking, though we did more Metro riding than I have done on most trips. Too cold outside and too many people to make them walk all over the city. As a result of not walking as much and eating way too often in the Latin Quarter I don’t think anyone lost any weight this time. That’s too bad losing a few pounds is the best side effect from walking miles a day—even eating all that fatty street food.

All in all a good trip. I like Paris better in the late spring or early fall but at least there were almost no tourists this time. It only took 30 minutes to get into the Eiffel Tower! I took a lot of photos though as usual some of the shots I thought would be best did not turn out well. I even managed to clean the photos up and post them in under two months!