A new journey

The preparations are almost done.

The invitations have been sent.

I’m ready.

I’ve always wanted to be married. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s a societal norm that I absorbed at some point. Maybe it’s because I want kids and when I was growing up the kids who did not have two married parents were ‘different.’ Of course this was the hight of the divorce culture in the US: the mid-80’s. For whatever reason I have thought of marriage several times over the years. I was never really ready but I knew I wanted to be married. Last December I decided I had someone I wanted to hang on to for the rest of my life.

It’s been a year since I gave away a rock and now the final days are ticking away before the wedding. I’m excited an nervous. I don’t expect anything material to change in my live once Candice and I are married but hopefully our love will continue to grow and we will become closer over the many years.

Life is a long journey, I’ve come from Charlottesville to London and now to Singapore. Along the way I have met many friends and loves and it is not without much thought that I now enter into marriage. From now the journey is no longer mine but ours, mine and Candice’s, and I look forward to all the future has to offer us and a long journey.

Every society on earth has some form of marriage I believe and it must server some deep rooted biological and psychological need and it is great that it also such a great joy. Though nothing material will change in my life when I say the words and sign the paper but I expect that in a very real sense everything will change. I can’t wait.

In the last few days before our wedding I won’t be bothered to record my life here but before I sign off for the next few weeks or month I wanted to say here, for everyone that I am ready, that I am in love and that I look forward to waking up next to my wife everyday for the rest of my life and to get lost in her eyes, in her smile and in her laugh.

I love you Babe.