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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, June 2007


I’ve been to Ho Chi Minh City before [] but didn’t get good many good photos. This time I was on a business trip and had less than 6 hours to wander around and take photos. However, I think I have better shots this time. Funny.

Since I only had a few hours of free time when it was not raining and since my hotel was right downtown by the opera house I could walk to the central market and to the Saigon River ferry terminal. Most of the shots were taken on those walks—and in the central market. The remaining shots were taken in and around the Chinatown Market across town. I did not visit Chinatown on my previous trip so I took a cab there and back this time. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to find any of the many temples and such near Chinatown. Oh well next time.

I also managed to find the same Bia Hoi place that Candice and I drank at on the last trip. I took the guys I was working with there for an ‘authentic Vietnamese experience’ and again it did not disappoint. At least this time I was not the only white guy there—all three of the people I was with were in the same boat.

Anyway. Even though I did not take a lot of photos I am quite happy with the quality of the ones I did take. Next time though I hope I get to go to Hanoi. HCMC is interesting but I’d rather spent my time exploring new places than revisiting the old… at least for now.

You can see the rest of the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, June 2007 photoset on Flickr [].