I have entered mid-life at full stride! In the past year I have gotten married (OK, it was 56 weeks ago but close enough,) my wife and I purchased a house (which we will only move into in April due to renovations and such,) and my wife is pregnant. So by the middle of this year I will be fully entrenched in the thirtysomething crowd with a mortgage and a young child. Thankfully I don’t own a sports car (but I am open to expensive birthday presents so if you are interested in donating your expensive sports car let me know,) and I feel no need to case skirt or drink like a fish.

I am actually really looking forward to the thirtysomething role. I can’t wait to move into the new house. While I have lived in any number of dumps I now feel that I want to make sure any house I live it I enjoy coming home to. I tend to spend a lot of time at home so I want it to be comfortable and pleasant. Candice and I are spending a considerable amount of money to renovate the house before we move it so that it meets our idea of a home we want to live in—and to raise kids in.

I am excited beyond my ability to express it about becoming a father; I have always wanted kids. I think that my desire to have kids got me in trouble in the past—by making girls with young children more attractive. Those bad experiences have made me a lot more bitter about life then I once was but I did learn that I was actually good at dealing with a young child and being a father figure. I need to work on being less bitter over the next six months so I can be a good father for my own child.

Anyway; happy birthday to me!