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Verona, Italy, November 2007


Verona [] is supposed to be a romantic city for lovers. A good stop you would say for a honeymoon? Well I won’t be remembering it for it’s romantic qualities, not from this trip. You see it was while getting off the train in fair Verona where I lost my camera. Not quite a Shakespearean tragedy but a quick way to ruin my day nonetheless.

I tried to enjoy Verona. Took a few photos with the Ixus I purchased for Candice before the trip—she insisted I keep it to make me feel better, which did make it easier to put aside my desire to sit in a pub and try to find my missing camera in the bottom of a few too many bottles of good Italian wine (and maybe something stronger.)

So. Only a few photos from Verona but I feel I should still post an entry for completeness. On the bright side I should mention that we had our first really good Italian food at a small tavern in Verona. Possibly the best gnocchi I’ve ever had and it was not even on the menu. The chef made it because they did not have any other vegetarian dishes that day. One more reason that Italians are better than French in my worldview.

You can see a few more photos in the Verona, Italy, November 2007 photoset on Flickr []