Bad Milk

I don’t understand the problem with the milk []. Not that I don’t understand the problem but I don’t ‘understand’ the problem—the problem of how to deal with it. After the second or third product containing dairy products sourced from China was found to be contaminated with melamine [] why didn’t every country ban all imports of Chinese dairy products and all products containing Chinese dairy products? I don’t see the difference between that and banning US or UK beef over mad cow fears. A good idea, agree with it 100%—mad cows are bad, killing babies with industrial plastic in their milk, also bad. Are governments more afraid of pissing off China and greedy Chinese businesses or killing babies and pissing off their own population? Mad moms are not something to be toyed with, I’ve got a mom, I’ve seen mad moms. I’m not saying that there is any kind of endemic problem with greed and cutting corners in China, but given the lack of regulation and enforcement maybe banning all imports might cause enough pain-in-the-wallet to have the problem fix itself.