What prayer do you want?

Someone asked a friend of mine, via social media, to pray for them, as they were trying to get a new job. This poor unsuspecting person got a very Monty Python-esque response:

Any particular variation of prayer? Buddhist (Jane already has the job, she just has to reach out and take it herself), Hindu (Jane needs to meditate more, she is young), Muslim (as long as she covers her hair Jane can do what she likes), Confucian (there is no Jane, only light), Zoroastrian (Jane has not been to the holy tree in 7 cycles, what hope could she have), Protestant (Jane has as much right to the job as anybody else, but she can mark where she likes as along as she’s not flash with her cash), Catholic (Jane… Ah bless… I’d nail myself ecstatically to a cross where she called for an interview and die of holy happiness where she to be saved from her sins by the lord)…. Like what’s the pitch here?

Besides the mixing up of religions (I think that is Zen not Confucian) it’s brilliant!