Going Digital…

So, I got an email today from Amazon… The Economist [] is now available as a digital subscription on the Kindle []… Too bad it only works the US. If it worked outside the US, even it it was only sold in the US but worked on WiFi or GSM I would buy one. Actually I might have already bought one, but the savings on my Economist subscription would be enough to justify the purchase for me.

I might still buy one when my current Economist subscription is up for renewal at the end of the year. Hopefully the Kindle goes global by then, or better yet Apple [] releases a 7″ or 10″ iPod Touch (and Amazon releases the Kindle software on for it like they did for the iPhone.)

As much as I like having physical books and magazines I don’t have the space to have the library I would like. And the idea of moving to an all, or mostly, digital existence, at least with regards to music, movies, books and magazines, appeals to me for several reasons. One the the biggest concerns I have had with most e-book readers is the inability to highlight and makes notes, the Kindle has solved this. If only there was a way to digitize my existing library as I have done with my CDs. This is a problem waiting to be solved. Trade-ins maybe?

Now if only Mother Jones [] was available on the Kindle, I’d buy one tomorrow!

2009/07/07 – Update: Then again… maybe I should stay away from Amazon’s stuff.  Within a week of posting this they have done two things that make me think that maybe I don’t want to give them my money, not if they continue down this [] path [] at least.