The Pirates of Iwo Jima

I noticed a spike in my Flickr [] stats recently:

beggs Flickr stats overview 15 Aug 09 to 11 Sept 09

Most days I have a number of photos in the 3 or 8 views range and maybe one or two photos in the 9 to 15 views range. But on the day in question one photo got a lot of attention:

beggs Flickr views by image on 31 Aug 09

A little more digging and most of the views originated from Stylem [] who sell an iPhone application called “backgrounds” (get it here in iTunes [].) The application (which I have on my iPhone) allows one to browse and download various images other have submitted to the iPhone to use as wallpapers. Apparently there are people who like my photo of the Iwo Jima Pirates graffiti in DC.

However, the photo is not very well optimized for the iPhone display. So I took a few minutes and made a version that (I think) is better optimized for the iPhone screen. Here it is:

The Pirates of Iwo Jima