Bob Madden

Live blogging the Bob Madden simminar… Just ’cause he asked how many people were.

“Capture the Heart of the Moment”

Photos very impressive. Being a long time Nat Geo reader I think I’ve seen most of them.

I think 90% of the people here are from Club Snap, a local Singapore photographers club.

Ok enough live blogging… Now to pay attention to the talk.

Ok, he just said something very important: decide before you go if you are going as a tourist or a photographer.

Very important, in reality most of the trips I take are somewhere in between. I want to take photos, but those with me are mostly just tourists. So I have a few minutes to take photos not all the time I need to get ‘the shot’.

Most of my photos from my first trip to Japan show this. I could have taken a lot better photos it I spent much more time. But the other guys were just taking snapshots… And there is always more to see. In the end, photography is one of my hobbies —but travel is one of my passions. I want to see more, just like my friends. So I take the photos I can and don’t annoy my fellow travelers.