Pandemic my ass

This post [] over at Neoformix shows a great graphic displaying where the swine flu ‘pandemic’ really fits into the big picture.

swine flu deaths compared with other communicable diseases

Yea, that’s right, a whole 8,118 deaths from swine flu. And this chart covers the 300 days up to November 24th. Twice as many people have died from dengue fever, and 200 times a many people have died from the runs! Diarrhea for god sakes has killed 200 times as many people as swine flu. Almost as many people died from leprosy! Holy shit!

And lets not talk about the millions who have died from fat white people diseases, like the 14 million who died of cardiovascular disease. ‘Cause you know that most of those 14 million were McDonald’s junkies.

I mean really, would the media find something else to talk about? Oh I know. How about the 151 thousand people who died from WAR!