Midnight musings: floating batteries and solar farms in the desert

I have an idea, that needs, oh, about a trillion dollars in investment. Which kinda limits me to oil rich gulf state investors… which is a strange coincidence because that’s the audience I would want for this project. See here’s the idea; floating batteries.

Yep. Big assed —the biggest assed— cargo ships or oil tanker ships turned into giant floating batteries. Maybe traditional batteries or maybe hydrogen fuel cells. I don’t know, details need to be worked out by people who know about such things. Battery technology no doubt needs to be advanced, nothing like a trillion dollars to get things moving.

What I do know is that I would plug these ships into giant solar plants, producing power directly or to fill up the hydrogen fuel cells depending. These plants would be located in and around the Persian Gulf and North Africa. Once each ship was charged up it would use some of that power to sail to Europe or North America and then plug into the gird.

On the other hand maybe I can get governments involved other then in the gulf; see The Koreans can build/refit the ships, the Japanese can make the batteries, the Spanish can build the solar plants, etc, etc, etc. Additionally local power girds need to be upgraded, “power ports” built. We could drag the whole world out of it’s current economic malaise. And all the governments that sign on could point to how they are reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses with this clean energy. The whole UN climate group — what ever they are called — can coordinate the whole thing.

Outrageous right? Maybe, but the person who does this will be richer than J. D. Rockefeller if it’s done by a private company. But I think the money involved is too much and governments will have to be involved.