Entrance Keywords

According to Google Analytics, the top content on my site is /categories/goodies/ []. Which I guess is better than the second place /2004/09/26/four-floors-of-whores/ [].

Then again, the top entrance keyword — in fact the only entrance keyword with more than 1 hit in the past month — is “1280*768 fucking”.


I have no idea why this is. But if you do a Google image search for “1280*768 fucking” [], you don’t get much porn…

Google Image search results for '1280*768 fucking'

The third and forth images are porn related but nothing else on the first page is naughty. Three of my images make the first page though; “Simian Eyes” [], “Yellow Jacket” [] and “Have you seen my keys?” [].

Now, I understand the “1280*768” keyword, as all the images in “goodies” are available in that size. But… While I have a potty mouth, the word “fucking” does not appear on the goodies page at all. So how is it that Google has associated “fucking” with my photos of monkeys, yellow jackets and my lost keys?