Holey Parkinglots

Parking lots here in Singapore don’t tend to be the horizon spanning monstrosities of the US, land being a premium and all that, they tend to be either fairly small or multi-story parking decks. One feature of the non-parking deck lots that they do have strikes me as something the US should consider.

Basically the parking spaces in Singapore parking lots are not paved with asphalt or concrete — they are paved with bricks, holey bricks at that:

Parking lots paved with holey bricks
Parking lots paved with holey bricks, detail

So why would this be a good idea: less runoff, less sewers-backing-up floods, more plants (questionable at best). I’m sure there would be a host of issues to be solved, like how much oil/gas is leaking into the ground because of this (cars in Singapore tend to be new, well maintained due to the exorbitant cost of owning them and various other government rules, while cars in the US run a wide gamut, old and new, lots of oil and gas leaking rust-on-wheels.), not to mentions the cost of the bricks and laying them compared to the cost of asphalt. Also grass grows like a weed here in the tropics not so much in parts of the US so it might just be dirt in the holes. But really it just looks so much nicer.