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I live here. Disney Land with a Death Penalty, Revisited.

As Lin Yutang, the famous Chinese writer and inventor said: “What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?” That must be it.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam in Disneyland With the Death Penalty, Revisited []

That might be the most insightful thing about Singaporeans I’ve ever read… You could never find another place on Earth that has the variety of food in Singapore. Food is one of the things that make it hard to take a Singaporean out of Singapore.

Someone, commenting on this article in another forum said:

I think we have to stop saying shit about the place you live. If you don’t like it, move :)

Setting aside the fact that moving is often not an option, I think this person missed the point of the article, expressed near the end:

Later this evening I’m going out to eat in Little India’s Serangoon Road at the Banana Leaf Apolo Restaurant. There one dines deliciously off a banana leaf rather than a plate. It’s still one of my favorite places to eat. I used to go with my parents as a boy and my father used to take my son out there for breakfast. No doubt my son will take his son.

Despite the fact the the author’s father was sued into destitution by members of the ruling party for defamation, the author still calls Singapore home. And regardless; if one is going to complain about a place, it is in the end only where you do, or have lived, that you should be complaining about. I think it is altogether right to complain about is where you live… No place is perfect and you can always desire change in the things you do not agree with or you dislike about your home. It might be a product of leisure time but it is what it is. Desiring the better the place you live strikes me as a healthy form or navel gazing. We all want things to be better. Every time we get what we want we move the goal post. We always strive for a better place in the world. Singapore is a good place on balance but that does not mean people who live here should just accept things as they are forever, let do better in the future.