It’s been forever since I last posted something worth reading here. Family and work have consumed most of my time. All my hobbies, including this navel gazing corner of the internet, have suffered. I plan to change that and get back to posting something more than a screenshot or quote.

It’s not that I have not had things I wanted to say, just no time to finish saying them. I’ll spare the world most of my not out-of-date rants on current events (actually I’m not sure why, ’cause all the rants about current events on Confusion are, by definition out-of-date now…, but anyway I’ll spare you.) I have a number of half-finished book reviews and stores that I need to complete and then post but I also recently stumbled onto a small treasure trove of navel gazing gold! I resurrected a hard drive that I took out of my computer back in 2000! Holy fucking dot-com bubble batman! It’s got an interesting selection of emails and papers from my heady days as a code slave and full-time Computer Science student before the dot-com bubble burst, 9/11 and that European thingie I did. Unfortunately it’s a small treasure trove and the vast majority of interesting stuff was on a different drive that a penguin ate []. Nevertheless! There is some gold in them there magnetic platters! I shall endeavour to post some here for fun and ridicule. I assume my public awaits with bated breath.