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Sandman should be on HBO.



Logline: Neil Gaiman’s classic graphic novel about Dream and his siblings, finally appears to be coming to the big screen.

Status: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who probably has the juice to make things happen right now, is producing with the possibility of starring and directing. Jack Thorne (How I Live Now) is writing the screenplay, based on a pitch by David S. Goyer.

From Upcoming Genre Movies That Aren’t Sequels, Remakes or Reboots [] on io9

Not as a movie! Sandman should be an HBO series. All 76 issues done, basically as is. Spend the money on special effects and whatnot! Not a two hour movie; a movie can’t do Sandman justice. I think only HBO can do Sandman justice.

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Ug… this is still swirling? JGL could probably do the series justice, but I’m not even sure which part of the storyline they’d try to fit into 2 hours.

Granted, as a series, I’d end up crying for the last, what… last half of last season. At minium.

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