Don’t believe the hype

“[R]ather than drawing conclusions about who was vicious or righteous—or lamenting the political miasma that makes the question unanswerable—it might be better to stop and look at how film footage constructs rather than reflects the truths of a debate like this one. Despite the widespread creation and dissemination of video online, people still seem to believe that cameras depict the world as it really is; the truth comes from finding the right material from the right camera. That idea is mistaken, and it’s bringing forth just as much animosity as the polarization that is thought to produce the conflicts cameras record.”

Ian Bogost, in “Stop Trusting Viral Videos” [] published by The Atlantic

The paradox of having access to more knowledge than at any time in history and not being able to transform that knowlwdge into wisdom.

As Chuck D told us “Don’t believe the hype!” anyone sharing video or images has an agenda and if it ain’t “look at how cute/smart/funny my kid/friend/co-worker/cat/dog/<insert living thing here>is then think twice.

Also: I have a history with Sergei Eisenstein []!