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My Best Mobile Photos — 2006

Continuing on my journey reviewing all my mobile phone photos over the years we come to 2006. (you can see 2004 here [], and 2005 here []).

2006 was a big year for me, I got married at the end of the year, I changed jobs here in Singapore (which was big as it meant no automatic repatriation, any going back to the US would be on my own dime and, um, I’m still here). But for mobile phones it was a dull year, at least for me. I got the Sony Ericsson Z800i [] in 2005 and kept it all of 2006. And somehow I don’t have a lot of photos from my phone for 2006. But anyway… here are three photos from what I have that I will call “My Best Mobile Photos of 2006”:

First is a shot taken, I think, from a car. Judging by what I think are reflections (about halfway up the left side) and the fact that it’s shot up at a strange angle catching the stoplight and street lamp pole.

Cloudy Singapore skies.

Next is a another sky shot. This time a rainbow. Probably also taken from a car.

There is as much color noise in this photo as there is color in the rainbow

And lastly, a shot of a good night out with the team from the office.

Ah, mothers milk.