The coming machine wars

The Verge has as a story [] and title says it all They’re putting guns on robot dogs now. So, yea, that’s thing we’re doing now. As the article says, it was only a matter of time.

One robo-dog with a gun is scary, a pack of these things is nightmare fuel. Imagine being hunted by a pack of these things. Sounds like a video game I would die in, repeatedly.

And I expect that packs of these things aren’t far off. Combine gun toating robo-dog with the UN report a few months back that last year drones were used to anonymously attack opposing forces [], and possible to kill them, and the future is shaping up.

We can only hope the robot warriors of the future are more like Trade Federation Droids than Terminators…

In other news, I’m having way too much fun using Adobe Spark to create featured images for posts… Movie poster parodies for the last two posts.

Featured image is a parody of the poster for Terminator 2: Judgement Day []; duh, released by TriStar Pictures. And the doge meme [].