Om-nom-nom-icron is eating the world

Looking at COVID data is depressing. Even if people are much less likely to die from the Omicron variant, the numbers are so massive, even a small percentage of bad infections is causing problems in hospitals and death tolls are rising. The UK has canceled all pre-and post-travel testing regimes. “COVID is here to stay, and if you are vaccinated there is nothing else to do,” seems to be the sentiment. And at this point with the Omicron variant burning through vaccinated and unvaccinated alike that sounds about right. Seems everyone will get it, and we will have herd immunity to this variant… until it comes back next year, mutated again, becoming another strain of “the common cold”. Hopefully we can travel again soon. Singapore is as good a place to be during a pandemic as anywhere but you can’t go more than 40 kilometers, at most, without needing a passport. I’m not the type of person who can go their whole life and never venture more than an handful of kilometers from their home… I live about as far from my birthplace as I can and my passports tend to fill up faster than they expire. I can’t wait to travel again. First world problems…

Anyway, lets have some fun. If you can’t make fun of it then it has already won…

Original chart from the New York Times
Original chart from the New York Times