Not dead…

I Realized I have not updated since I posted about having COVID19 []. If you only got to know whats going on with me via my blog you might think I got really sick due to the lack of updates. Not that anyone actually reads this regularly, but a theoretical person who only read the blog might think that. It’s been six weeks since I posted the positive ART test. But I got over being sick in about 3 days… though it took 12 days to get a negative test result… as I posted on Facebook on day 12:

On the twelfth day of COVID
My infection finally gave to me
A negative ART 
Twelve days of ART

Even though the protocol here in Singapore is (or was) that you don’t need to test after day 7, you can go out as normal if you are symptom free after that. But I wanted to see how long it took after talking to a lot of colleagues in Singapore and other countries that all said it took a few weeks to get over the cough. And, yeh, it took me about 3 weeks, so even longer than I tested positive I was still coughing when I would talk for very long in meetings and such.

Anyway, I have other things I want to post, I’ve just been too busy. So, hopefully I can get back to a close to weekly posting schedule after my almost 6 weeks hiatus.