why am I doing this?

Well since one of the main reasons for this web-site is to keep an online journal, I should probably start with a little background info. First off if you have not guessed already my name is Brian Jeffery Beggerly. I am 23 years old and about to head off to England to attend The City University of London for my last year of college.

The road to England has been a long and interesting one. The original idea goes way back to a childhood dream about attending school at Oxford. When I graduated high school (Albemarle High in Charlottesville, Virginia) I had no real plan. I attended Piedmont Virginia Community College, and took classes at the University of Virginia. Between the two schools, I attend full time for about a year. During that year I was also involved in a relationship with a girl I had first meet in high school. Teresa was the first time I was involved in a relationship where I thought about the future. Up till her my girlfriends, both long and short term where really no more than friends. But when Teresa and I began to get involved I took the relationship more seriously, because of M——.

M—— was Teresa’s son, he was six months old when I meet Teresa and almost a year when we began to seriously date. From nearly the fist time I meet M—— he called me ‘dada.’ I think, looking back, that my relationship with Teresa would not have gone on for long except for M——. I look back and can see that it was the feelings I had for M——, for being M——s ‘dada’ that caused me to pursue the relationship to the level I did.

Anyway, after about a year of dating Teresa and M—— moved in with me, into my parents house (that was a little weird, but my mother is way too nice). Once they where in my house, I became more of a father to M—— and took fewer classes so I could work full time (at Glenmore Country Club, but those are stories for another day.)

Late that year Teresa and I decided to get an apartment. After much looking around and debating we finally signed a lease in late October. Between the time we signed the lease and the date we were scheduled to move in, December 2, I quit my job at Glenmore. During November as we shopped for furnishings, for the apartment, and I looked for a job, Teresa worked long hours, and we got in many quarrels, mostly about stupid things, especially money. I finally settled on a job at Wal-Mart as seasonal help because I could not find another job cooking at a nice place.