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anger/stress management.

December 2nd, 2002

I think I need to read me some Dali Lama or something… I seam to be getting to easily upset lately. Don’t really know why, but I get bent out of shape at stupid little things for no reason. I got really pissed off at work the other day after a meeting. I don’t usually get mad (only at my family!) I think the lack of work at work, lack of spending money, and missing Cristina all are contributing to my general ill mood some days. So I think I will read A Policy of Kindness by the Dali Lama — that seams to clear my mind and make me more relaxed and less stressed about stuff.

Anyway, basically I just need to relax and remember that worrying and stressing only cause more worrying and stressing and that takes all the fun out of life! If you can fix it — fix it! If you can’t — stop worrying, it won’t do anything but make you miserable!

2 Responses to “anger/stress management.”

Sorry to hear u r stressed. Remember: breathe in…breathe out,breathe in…breathe out,breathe in…breathe out,breathe in…breathe out,breathe in…breathe out,… Love u and miss u too.

Thank you, I’ll try to remember the breathing thing — I forget once in a while and then begin to wonder why everything starts to blur and suddenly my pulse is really loud. :)