Ok, I can’t seam to get my pinky toe and the one next to it to stay crossed, but I’m trying to keep all my fingers and toes crossed —so it better snow tonight. It’s not even that I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I just want snow. It never really snows in Virginia anymore—the last time it snowed was in 1996 I think. Ever since then we’ve been lucky to get a dusting. I love the snow. Thinking about the snow today reminded me of last December—snow in Greece, snow in Denmark, snow in Amsterdam—hell it even snowed in London! May I miss being in Europe!

They have called for snow two or three times in the past few weeks and when the time comes it does not even freeze! Weather men (excuse my non-PC terminology!) must be the only people who can continually be just plain bad at their jobs and people still listen to them and they seem to remain gainfully employed!

I love the snow—I get giddy like some 10 year old kid and all I want to do is go out stomp around in the snow. I went to NYC a few years ago with some friends and it snowed 14 inches—I drug my friends from one end of Broadway to the other and back. It was glorious! The snow was coming down so thick that in Time Square you could not see from one end to the other—but the glow from the neon illuminated everything with an eerie soft ambiance, and it was dead quite—like some scene in a movie where the characters all feel the magic in the air. I love snow!

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s been snowing all morning and they told us we could work from home. Tiiiiiight.

Hope you didn’t have to drive all the way into VA in this weather!

Yes, I did have to drive all the way to Oakton to work today — took me twice as long as it usually does. Lockheed does not close the building very often, they lose a million a day when they do and I was not about to waist vacation time. The drive was not too bad with the exception of having to wait for an ambulance because there was an accident just in front of me on the bridge coming out of the city. Anyway, I parked my car at the Vienna metro this afternoon and rode the subway back into the city — I have no intention of trying to drive out on the ice at six am tomorrow! I’m going to spend the rest of the night frolicking in the ‘purdy white stuff now…

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