phone folly

I dropped my cell phone today in the snow. I had gone out walking while it was snowing, took some pictures and just wondered around in the winter wonderland. When I got back to my apartment I signed on to instant messenger and Beaner im’ed me and said, “I know where you phone is.” “Oh, where is that,” I asked. “In Adams Morgan.” “Really.” “You dropped it, and the guy who picked it up answered when I called you. He’s looking for you.”

Best I can figure is I dropped it when I reached to get my keys off my belt loop, I had to pull my coat up to do it and it must have pulled the phone up off my belt. Had to have happened right before I got to my building because the guy who picked it up lives in the building next door. He saw me drop the phone but could not get to me fast enough. When J███████ called he was on his way out of DC. So I called the guy and have made arrangements to get the phone back from him tomorrow night.

Of all the people in DC it’s completely random that I dropped the phone while a guy who lives in the building next door was looking on. It’s cool that the guy is nice enough to trouble himself. Nice to know that there are still good people in the world. I’ll have to take this guy out for a drink or something.