lonely turkey day

Very lonely turkey day. Sitting at home all day alone. Everyone I know is at home with their families—not that I really have that much inclination to be sitting around the dinner table with my family but at least I would not be alone. It’s really my own fault; I think that if I had called up the Mische’s and talk to them I would have been invited to dinner. But every time I called them in the afternoons when I got home they where not there. I could have left a message on their answering machine but I kept saying, “no, I’ll just call back.” And human nature being what it is, I would not call later that night, and the same thing would happen a few days later when I did call back. J███████ and K██ are at her parents house, S██████ is doing the family thing all the way to New Jersey, I have not heard from C██████, and Flugie is in Europe (otherwise I might have gone to New York for the weekend if they would have me.) And of course C███████ is in England—the highlight of my day was talking to her on messenger.

Thanksgiving is one of my three big holidays: Forth of July and New Years being the others I really enjoy. The traditional religious holidays have not really been much to me since before I was a teenager. Being agnostic I don’t get much out of them spiritually and the family aspect was less than amazing in my house. So ever since I was a teenager I have celebrated the three big secular holidays in America. Thanksgiving may seem a little out there when you consider it is supposed to be a family oriented affair, but I usually celebrate it with my friends. Though I do have dinner at home with my family—for my moms sake.

A year ago today I was in Belgium breaking the law (see this entry [] and this one [].) I really wish I was somewhere in Europe still. I went down to Xando’s this afternoon to get some coffee and all around me where people speaking in foreign languages. I heard French (from two cute little French girls laughing at whatever they where talking about,) Spanish (from a few different directions, but my Spanish is so bad that they might have been speaking Portuguese or even Icelandic—no really, it sounds like Spanish!) and I think I hear two or three other languages I cannot even place. I think the bartender was the only other one who was a native English speaker! Really makes me miss being in Europe—not to mention it makes it hit home how much of a holiday Thanksgiving is in America. Oh well, better luck next year. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.