James Joyce

Ulysses is, without qualification the worst book I have ever read. James Joyce makes me sick. The book is convoluted tour-de-force of bad writing and attempts to “push the boundaries of a novel,” all of which, individually and in essence, have been used to good effect… by other authors. The worst thing about this whole disaster is that there are sparkles of really amazing writing but they are mostly confined to passages where Stephen Dedalus speaks to some of his fellow teachers. The fact that you know Joyce can write this well makes the rest of the book that much more of a disappointment. I don’t know how Ulysses keeps making it to the top of editors choice lists. They must know something I don’t—and I would consider myself fairly well educated and well read. My advice: don’t waist your time reading Ulysses, unless you are hopelessly in love with Modernist writing.