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December 11th, 2003

So apparently the email daemon on confusion decided to spaz out sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning—all the sudden it stopped accepting email. Maybe it was just sick of spam, I don’t know. Flugie told me he was having issues trying to send me something. I tried just restarting the mail daemon but it still would not accept mail so I rebooted the system. Only problem was the system did not come back on. D’oh! It took me some time to track down the IP so I could get the box manually rebooted by someone but all appears to be better now.

I need to do a lot of clean up around here—what do you thing the odd’s of me doing that anytime soon are? Not so good I expect. I will be very busy at work over the next few months. It’s all good. I don’t think more than three people bother to read my little corner of the web anyway. C’est la vie! I do want to set up a seperate site for stuff about my fish tank. It would be really cool to have a digital camera so I could upload nice pics of my system. Hum… maybe I buy one with my tax return—then I could take it to Japan too. Oh well, got to go to work now.

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