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Dealing with Swine Flu and the Art of Irony

June 29th, 2009

[3:32:13 PM] beggs says: i feel like shit…
[3:32:32 PM] D— says: ?
[3:34:01 PM] D— says: whats wrong?
[3:34:10 PM] beggs says: just don’t feel good.
[3:34:19 PM] beggs says: headache… stomach not so good.
[3:34:32 PM] beggs says: think I’ll go home as soon as our call is over.
[3:35:01 PM] D— says: k, yeah should go home and take a 10 day quarantine :-P
[3:35:12 PM] D— says: we don’t want any swine flu patients here
[3:35:24 PM] beggs says: haha…
[3:35:58 PM] beggs says: pig flu has a 5 to 7 day incubation… by the time you have symptoms you’ve infected everyone…
[3:36:01 PM] beggs says: :-)
[3:36:31 PM] D— says: great then we all get 10 days off…..
[3:37:21 PM] D— says: they should quarantine all swine flu patients in Hawaii
[3:42:43 PM] beggs says: Palestine…
[3:43:01 PM] beggs says: the whole pig flu/halal angle is ironic and funny.
[3:43:16 PM] beggs says: we can put the Muslim’s with pig flu in Israel.
[3:43:24 PM] beggs says: the infidels in Palestine.
[3:43:39 PM] beggs says: and then I’ll run for secretary general of the UN…
[3:44:47 PM] D— says: (rofl)
[3:45:12 PM] D— says: religion is really funny
[3:48:55 PM] beggs says: If I had any of that funny, it’d be going to hell for this conversation…
[3:49:29 PM] beggs says: but I’m a teapot agnostic, ’cause it’s more fun than being a militant atheist

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