reduced shakespeare.

I went out for the afternoon yesterday with J███████, it was a great afternoon. We walked across upper London, had all-you-can-eat Indian food for lunch in Islington, saw The Reduced Shakespeare Company in Piccadilly Circus, and stopped for a drink and desert in SoHo. All in all a great day.

The Reduced Shakespeare Co. was hilarious. They adlibed an amazing amount of the show. I could not stop laughing. Then when we where sitting at a crapearia in SoHo, that is situated on a small one-way street, we saw the paddy-wagon stop and pick up a man from a Chinese restaurant across the street. This whole process took around 10 minutes and there where three cars stopped behind them. When the police finally pulled off the guy driving the last car in the line was asleep and sat there dreaming away for a few minutes before a noise woke him and he drove off.

Anyway, I am going to go to Oxford tomorrow for the evening and stay the night. So I will see if it is really as beautiful as they say it is. Beaner says hello to all of you and wonders why you don’t write more personal emails (as opposed to forwards)? I was wondering the same thing. Also no-one has posted any thoughts on the forums on my sight. If you would like a new forum opened just email me and I will do it.

Last thing: the foul fowl has been removed.