I finally made it up to Oxford this weekend to see J███████. It is a much nicer place than the part of London I am in. Within a few minutes walk of Beaner’s house is the town center. Sunday night after I got to Oxford J███████ and I went to a really good restaurat and had dinner and a (whole) bottle of Shiraz. Then we dropped our bags at his house and went back to drink in the pubs. We went to one pub and had a beer (because when Beaner asked then if they could make a Mai Tai (sp?) they bartender looked at J███████ and said; “a what???”, so we had beer.) After drinking our beer we where subjected to the bad singing of a few very drunk Brits attempting karaoki. One of them even tried to sing “American Pie,” do any of you see anything wrong with that? I do. It’s like an American singing the British National Anthem. Doesen’t work. That bar(and most of the rest) closed at 10:30, so we wondered around and found a place called Maxwells. This was like an American bar, just like the Virginian at UVA, or that non-existant bar near Mason. They even knew how to make a Mai Tai. So we got a little tipsy and wandered back to J███████’s house at 2 am. There we sat up talking till about 4am and then crawled into bed.

The next day (that would be Monday for all you temporally challanged) we walked around Oxford, talked about America, went to the Botanical Gardens (lots of great picture oppertunities for D&D!) and then wondered into Blackwells bookstore. That place is dangerous… Two miles of books! They have it all!

Anyway I eventualy wandered back to London and got back to work. It’s interesting I am not worried about any of my Computer classes or my philosophy class, but I worry about my German class. Ich spreche kein Deutch. Maybe it’s because I tried this whole German thing once before when I was a freshman, and the first day the class discovered that I was the only person who had not had atleast two years of German in high school… How did they all end up in the German 101 class!!! Anyway these people don’t speak anymore than I do so maybe I will do better. Oh yea, I dropped that first class after the first day.

Oh well, J███████ says hello to you all. I second it. But I have to say, your all lousy no one has posted any comments or any forum comments, I know you all cannot start new forum (it’s a flaw in the system…) but if you e-mail me I will open a new one on any subject you want.

Really I love you all…

p.s. I found out that Beaner reads all the post, but does not reply, so we need to find a subject that we can rope him into replying to.. :)